Universal Outreach works in one of the world's poorest countries Liberia, West Africa, to provide educational and economic development opportunities to Liberians looking for a brighter future.


We invest in both education and economic development because they work together for long-lasting poverty reduction. Educated people have a greater chance of getting a job, but to capitalize on their skills and talent they need their country to have a healthy economy.


Our training programs in beekeeping and coconut oil help increase the earning potential of  Liberia’s largest low income earning group—farmers. Our scholarship program and after school learning centre— STRIVE—ensures that a student’s education doesn’t get interrupted by financial challenges.


Universal Outreach remains dedicated to low administration costs (under 5%) and our founders cover the administration costs of the organization so 100% of your donation goes to programs.

It's a wonderful time of year to pause and take stock of all we have to be grateful for. It's also the perfect time to think about how we can help others. We may be living through uncertain times, but there is one thing you can be certain of — your generosity is changing people's lives in Liberia and we are deeply grateful for your support.

Coconut Oil Production

We launched our community-based coconut oil factories this year and we want to ensure that three more communities receive one in 2021. By putting these coconut oil production factories into the hands of coconut farmers you‘ll be reducing poverty by providing income-generating opportunities to those that need it the most. Universal Outreach's efficient production system creates an international standard of coconut oil and increases productivity by 200% by reducing the number of coconuts needed and processing time required. 

  • $100  - Coconut Oil production tools

  • $125 - Coconut Grater and Bench 

  • $200 - Train one person in coconut oil production 

  • $700 - Coconut Drying Table

  • $15,000 - Train a community in coconut oil production - includes equipment

Beekeeping Equipment and Training

Every year beekeepers across the country gather at Universal Outreach's nationwide beekeeper training program to learn advanced beekeeping techniques. Beekeepers with advanced training go on to share their knowledge with others spreading the benefits of beekeeping across the nation. Thousands of new beekeepers are now being trained this way. This training and beekeeping equipment is a proven way to help families meet their financial needs.

  • $40 - Beehive 

  • $50 - Smoker

  • $100 - Beekeeping suit 

  • $300 - Honey extraction kit 

  • $200 - Advanced training for a committed beekeeper 

  • $1000 - Contribute to the cost of a five-day advanced training program for 20 people.  This is the only advanced beekeeping program in Liberia and these beekeepers are ready to take it to the next level.

Help Develop the Honey Industry in Liberia

Our beekeeping extension team is the secret to success in those first years of a new beekeeper’s career. They travel the country all month long ensuring that new beekeepers are getting the support they need to be successful. They are always happy to share new knowledge, help move a hive or offer advice for managing a hive. 

  • $500 - One month of support to a new beekeeper

  • $1,250 - Motorcycles play a critical role in our beekeeping extension team's ability to get to the most remote locations and provide essential support to rural farmers.

  • $5,000 - Contribute to the construction of a new honey house in Liberia's newest honey producing area - Grand Gedah.This will be the third satellite training and honey collection house in the country and is essential for moving the industry forward.

After School Learning Opportunities

Strive is a community hub where kids, youth and adults can explore cultural dance, modern arts, computer science, music, creative writing and critical thinking skills and the art of entrepreneurship. By contributing to Strive you’ll be giving people the chance to enrich their lives.

  • $30 - Learning supplies and games for kids

  • $50 - Books for the after school reading program

  • $100 - A bike for the Saturday bike club

  • $300 - Computer training for a student 

  • $600 - Computer with Microsoft office for the computer lab

  • $700 - Sponsor the development of a program at Strive. There are plenty of talented Liberians who have skills to share, but they need the start-up capital for supplies. This money will help with that cost and get the knowledge sharing started. Our goal is to help 5 new programs take flight at Strive this year.

Provide a Scholarship

UOF's scholarship program is making a profound impact on the lives of children and youth in Liberia. We’ve been fortunate to live in Liberia long enough to now see some of the younger students move into University programs. Let’s keep the dream alive for these dedicated students and ensure more students have this opportunity.

  • $40/month - Elementary School Scholarship ($480/year)

  • $50/month - Trades School Scholarship ($600/year)

  • $60/ month - High School Scholarship ($720/year

  • $120/month - University Scholarship ($1,440/year)

  • $250/month - IT degree at Liberia's Top College ($3,000/year)

Looking for a Christmas Gift?

Any donation you make can be made into a gift certificate! Simply make your donation, send us an email telling us what you'd like the gift certificate for and we'll email it to you. You can then share the gift certificates with your friends and family!

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