Investing in agriculture means investing in long term solutions that take time to come to fruition, but this is when lasting change takes place —  this is where we choose to set our focus. In order to build people, community and country there has to be a long-range vision that you collectively work towards. We have seen firsthand what development work can do when you commit to supporting industries that are market-driven and provide the resources needed to help them flourish.

Our agricultural extension program is a critical resource that helps these industries flourish. Agriculture is an ongoing learning process that requires time and ongoing support. Through the UOF agricultural extension program, we are able to provide the most relevant training and agricultural input support possible, even after the initial training program is done.

The seven-person extension team stands with the farmers to overcome the many challenges new trainees come up against in a yearly cycle, offering their vast knowledge and experience as internationally trained experts. They travel to different regions in Liberia each month—rain or shine— to provide consistent valuable support until the new beekeepers and coconut oil producers are ready to succeed alone.

Our extension program provides the mentorship and trust needed for quality outcomes. This is important because the coconut oil and honey being produced by Liberian farmers are of international standard which creates greater market potential and greater earning potential.

We are always looking for support to keep this team of change agents in the field and providing the highest of quality training and information dissemination.