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Beekeeper Training


The average annual

income in Liberia is $610. 


70% of the population in Liberia earns a living from agriculture.

Beekeeping targets one of Liberia’s lowest income earners - farmers. 


The introductory program starts with a workshop that provides a foundation for beekeeping. Hives are built and established on participants land then the learning continues on a monthly basis with the help of a Universal Outreach beekeeping extension worker. This program lasts 12 months and sees a new beekeeper through the cycle of beekeeping. New beekeepers receive a basic start up kit that can be customized based the the donor's interest in providing more hives. 


UOF's advanced training takes Liberia’s most invested beekeepers, hones their skills by providing in-depth knowledge, and gives them teaching skills that can then be utilized to host workshops for others.

Both programs are run with a minimum of 20 participants

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