The average annual

income in Liberia is $610. 


70% of the population in Liberia earns a living from agriculture.

Beekeeping targets one of Liberia’s lowest income earners - farmers. 

Why do these two look so happy...??



Beekeeping doesn't only make sense, it also makes dollars. There is a strong demand for honey in Liberia AND a guaranteed buyer for every drop produced. When a farmer participates in our beekeeping program they walk away with an income-generating skill to support themselves, their families, and contribute to their communities. This provides them with financial stability and freedom so they can manage their financial priorities.


Over the past nine years, Universal Outreach has contributed to the creation of a honey industry that is community-driven, sustainable, and economically beneficial. Since 2011, this program has given farmers an extra source of income by training them to be beekeepers. The most common uses of the extra money generated by beekeeping activities are: school fees, healthcare, home improvements and reinvesting in additional beehives.


Universal Outreach’s internationally recognized beekeeping training program utilizes Liberia’s top beekeepers to train and support new beekeepers county wide. This team of trainers were our first cohort of beekeepers back in 2011. Over the years international master beekeepers have supported their development and mentored them to be the leaders in the developing honey industry. These experts now share their knowledge with other Liberians seeking greater financial freedom through beekeeping.

The introductory program provides a foundation for beekeeping that can then be practised at the participants' hives with the help of a Universal Outreach beekeeping extension worker. The advanced training takes Liberia’s most invested beekeepers, hones their skills by providing in-depth knowledge, and gives them teaching skills that can then be utilized to host workshops for others.