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About us

At Universal Outreach we believe in creating opportunities that support sustainable progress and impactful connections.

To accomplish this, we provide academic programs and scholarships, market-driven skills training programs, entrepreneur mentoring and creative learning opportunities. Universal Outreach also focuses on income-generating through the development of niche industries. We invest in these two areas because we believe that educated, skilled people need vibrant economies to build the future they envision.


Universal Outreach is a registered Canadian charitable organization that began its work in 2000 and registered as Universal Outreach Foundation in 2002. 

A Bold Idea

The founders of Universal Outreach Foundation know that every penny counts.  That’s why we cover 100% of administration and fundraising costs ourselves; ensuring that 100% of your donation goes directly to the programs you support.

  • Create opportunities that support sustainable progress and impactful outcomes.

  • Increase access to education through the provision of scholarships and demand-driven skills training opportunities.

  • Focus on investments that maximize social returns.

  • Create partnerships with recipients to achieve a shared vision realized through participation, collaboration, sweat equity, and financial responsibility.

  • Ensure sustainability in our programs and the environments we work in.

  • In a mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas.

  • Show respect, understanding, integrity and fairness with everyone we partner with.

  • We believe in collaboration, commitment and participation from the communities and individuals we work with.

  • Local values and beliefs must be respected in the construction and operation of all programs.

  • Philanthropic capital is utilized with great care to ensure a positive impact is achieved.

  • Transparency and accountability with expenditures and processes is essential for effective operations. 

  • By manifesting compassion to the world, we believe that peace and love will inherently transcend to future generations.

  • We believe in the power of people which creates a collaborative, accountable, trustworthy, respectful team with integrity. 

  • We work hard, communicate well and never give up.

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