Our Programs

People are diverse and so are our programs.

Universal Outreach is dedicated to providing people with quality educational opportunities. Our projects and programs are always evolving and growing to meet the primary needs of the local community. We are currently focused on providing academic opportunities, market-driven skills training programs, and entrepreneur mentoring. Our programs include beekeeper training, coconut oil production, the Bright Stars Scholarship Program, and Strive - a community educational centre. We believe that motivated students of all ages can build the future they envision.

Give a student a chance

Our scholarship program rewards ambitious students who demonstrate a commitment to learning. By providing a student with a scholarship, you will ensure that a child in Liberia rises to their full potential and has a chance to achieve their dreams. 


$40 monthly for an elementary school scholarship

Grades K-7


$60 monthly for a high school scholarship

Grades 8-12

$65 monthly for a trades school scholarship

$150 monthly for a university scholarship

One year commitment required 

Four year commitment prefered

Consistency is important to the success of this program. If you choose to see someone through a University program we recommend that you start a monthly donation for  4 years so we can ensure the student has the support they need from start to finish. Helping someone for one year is truly a gift, but seeing them to completion changes their life.

Bright Stars Scholars


Beekeeper Training

Beekeeping makes sense

The average annual

income in Liberia is $610. 


70% of the population in Liberia earns a living from agriculture.

Beekeeping targets one of Liberia’s lowest income earners - farmers. 


Beekeeping doesn't only make sense, it also makes dollars. There is a strong demand for honey in Liberia AND a guaranteed buyer for every drop produced. When a farmer participates in our beekeeping program they walk away with an income-generating skill to support themselves, their families, and contribute to their communities. This provides them with financial stability and freedom so they can manage their financial priorities.

Universal Outreach's beekeeper training program gives farmers the foundation they need to start beekeeping, then we support the farmer with practical hands-on training throughout the yearly beekeeping cycle.

Over the past ten years, Universal Outreach has contributed to the creation of a honey industry that is community-driven, sustainable, and economically beneficial. We've trained thousands of beekeepers across Liberia, created honey education/collection centres and supported the development of Liberia's top beekeeping trainers.  


Since 2011, our beekeepers training program has given farmers an extra source of income by providing them a market-driven skill. The most common uses of the extra money generated by beekeeping activities are: school fees, healthcare, home improvements and reinvesting in additional beehives.

Economic development gives greater financial stability

Economic development needs to be market-driven in order to sustain itself in the long term. After researching many different industries coconut oil production became the obvious choice for Universal Outreach to develop a training program that would provide income-generating opportunities for those in need.  With abundant coconut trees and a demand for coconut oil in the markets, UOF started exploring ways to grow this industry. Since 2016 we have been working with coconut growers to find a solution to the challenges and today we are collectively bringing this to life.

We aim to provide four communities with this opportunity in 2021.

Help us achieve this goal by contributing to this program.

You have seen the change honey production has made, let's do the same with coconut oil.

UOF, in collaboration with communities and partners, has devised a practical mobile system for producing high-quality cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. This efficient production system increases productivity by 300%. Our two-week training program shows participants how to reduce the number of coconuts needed to make oil, reduce the processing time needed per litre of oil and yield a high-quality cold-pressed oil. Adding value to these coconut growing communities creates a substantial increase in profitability for the people living in remote coastal villages.  By putting coconut oil production systems into the hands of coconut farmers you will be reducing poverty by providing income-generating opportunities to those who need it the most.

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Coconut Oil Production

Long term solutions are what we invest in

Investing in agriculture means investing in long term solutions that take time to come to fruition, but investing time creates knowledge, trust and understanding and that's when lasting change takes place. In order to build people, community, and country there has to be a long-range vision to collectively work towards. We have seen firsthand what development work can do when you commit to supporting industries that are market-driven by providing resources that help them grow.

The seven-person extension team stands with the farmers to overcome the many challenges new trainees come up against in a yearly cycle, offering their vast knowledge and experience as internationally trained experts. They travel to different regions in Liberia each month—rain or shine— to provide consistent valuable support until the new beekeepers and coconut oil producers are ready to succeed Independently.

Extension Team


Our agricultural extension program is a critical resource that helps these industries flourish. Agriculture is an ongoing learning process that requires time and support. Through the UOF agricultural extension program, we are able to provide the most relevant training and agricultural input support possible, even after the initial training program is done.


Entrepreneur Mentorship

Mentorship makes all the difference

We all have mentors in our lives who have encouraged us by providing guidance in personal, financial and life skills. By tapping into the vast network of business mentors within the Universal Outreach Community we are able to provide up-to-date specific mentorship to Liberian businesses. This mentorship is designed to help Liberian businesses see opportunities, efficiencies and potential challenges before they happen. It supports them in strategically planning their business so they can see positive growth in both their business and the industries they are working within.



In support of new business ideas, the Universal Outreach Entrepreneurship Centre in Paynesville offers a food lab where entrepreneurs can utilize our food safe space and equipment to test out their ideas.

Distribution Center

Our spacious distribution centre offers a warehousing and packaging facility for agriculture-related businesses to store and package their products. A distribution system is also available to help take their products to markets.

When we lift each other up, we all rise

Strive was born from the idea that learning shouldn’t stop in the classroom. We recognize the right to academic education for all and that learning—in its many forms— should continue when school is done. STRIVE is a community resource centre, built so Liberians have a safe, reliable, comfortable space for people to meet, share ideas, offer programs and inspire each other.


Universal Outreach offers its own programs in addition to the programs provided by local educators. We offer business development/mentorship and as well as clubs for crafting, story-telling, cycling and spelling and reading. We also provide local service providers with the resources they need to provide programs of substance and quality. There is nothing greater than seeing people excel beyond their expectations.

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After School Learning

Strive is designed for local program providers to come in and support the existing educational system through the provision of diverse, quality programs targeted at individuals who are interested in expanding their mind, body and soul. Some of the many programs offered at STRIVE are computers literacy, tailoring, music, African cultural dance, modern dance, critical thinking and reading/spelling/math tutoring.