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Bright Stars Scholarships

Provide a Bright Stars Scholarship
and give the lifelong gift of education

Education is a basic right. In countries like Liberia, where public schools are overcrowded, access to education is affected by income. If a student can't get into a public school private schools are their only option. This is where our Bright Stars scholarship program helps underprivileged children and young adults— with a commitment to learning—go to school.

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This program is open to the general public in Liberia and applications are accepted on a yearly basis. Acceptance is based on availability, need and merit. Bright Stars scholars qualify by achieving and maintaining their grade point average.  We aim to keep scholars and donors together over the years, but scholars may change from year to year.

Elementary School and High School Scholars


As a student progresses into high school the cost of their tuition increases. To see a student through their elementary and high school years an increase in your donation is required for their last 5 years of school (grade 8-12) from $40/month for elementary school to $60/month for high school. Our program covers tuition and registration costs for the student. 

Trades School Scholars

Students attend trades programs that last up to one year in length. Our program covers tuition, registration and tools. Your contribution can be paid set up as a monthly recurring payment of $75/month or a yearly donation of $900. 

University Scholarships

Degree programs are typically four years in length. If you are considering this scholarship option we recommend you consider it a four-year commitment to ensure your student finishes their program. Your contribution can be paid set up as a monthly recurring payment of $150/month or a yearly donation of $1,800.

Payment Information

We recommend setting up your scholarship gift through a monthly donation. This can be done through our donation system by checking the box that says "Make this a monthly donation." It's easy to do and convenient!

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$40 monthly for an elementary school scholarship

Grades K-7


$60 monthly for a high school scholarship

Grades 8-12


$65 monthly for a trades school scholarship


$150 monthly for a university scholarship

Consistency is important to the success of this program. If you choose to see someone through a University program we recommend that you start a monthly donation for  4 years so we can ensure the student has the support they need from start to finish. Helping someone for one year is truly a gift, but seeing them to completion changes their life.

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