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Let’s celebrate the improvements that have taken place in people’s lives since the Universal Outreach community started collaborating with ambitious Liberians and Hondurans. 

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  • Strive is renovated to add dedicated space for the business development program.

  • 39 students participate in the Business Development Program.

  • 26 loans awarded in our Business Loan Program; total value of $95,931 CAD.

  • 580 new people trained as beekeepers.

  • 1850 gallons of honey sold to Liberia Pure.

  • $46,344 CAD of honey money earned from beekeeping.

  • Beekeeping equipment distribution: 875 hives, 17 smokers, 17 bee suits, and 5 honey extractors.

  • 58 beekeepers attend the 1st Annual Liberian Beekeeping Convention.

  • Beekeeping supports conservation efforts to create protected wildlife areas and national parks in Liberia.

  • 2850 litres of coconut oil purchased by Liberia Pure = $11,157 CAD

  • Construction of another coconut oil factory begins.

  • 15,269 people attended programs and events at Strive, UOF’s community centre. Strive offers programs in the following areas: tailoring, music, baking, reading, arts and crafts, computers, sports, journalism and business development.

  • 113 students receive scholarships.

  • University 11, High School 23, Jr High & Elementary 59, Trades 14, Music 6.

  • 8 students graduate from high school and university.

  • 3786 people receive clean drinking water in Gaye Town thanks to UOF well installation.

  • The following construction projects are completed for the Robertsport surf tourism initiative:

  • 200’ deep water well and water tower Multi-purpose building

  • Business office

  • Restaurant and bathroom facility Generator/solar house

  • Installed a solar system

  • UOF supports the holistic start-up of a youth surf tourism initiative by:

  • Providing the start-up supplies for the initiative.

  • Providing a canoe with motor and fishing equipment for surf club members with a continued interest in fishing.

  • Training 14 youths in surf therapy for mental health in partnership with Waves for Change and Mami Wata.

  • Supporting a surf therapy program for 25 kids in Robertsport.

  • Organizing and implementing the 9th Annual Liberian National Surfing Competition, which attracted 50 local competitors,12 international contestants and 1000+ spectators.

  • Relationship building with the International Surf Association for future training and events.

  • Tailoring school built in partnership with Developing World Connections.

  • Solar system installed at tailoring school gives the surrounding area access to a phone charging station and cold water.


  • UOF’s beekeeping extension team continues to train and support beekeepers across Liberia. This year they supported 593 beekeepers

  • ​191 new beekeepers are trained and 9 new communities engage in beekeeping.

  • 1174 gallons of honey are harvested.

  • Liberia Pure buys $40,000 USD of honey.

  • 209 hives , 13 honey extractors, 27 smokers, and 45 beesuits are distributed.

  • UOF distributes the following equipment to new beekeepers: 48 honey extractors, 116 smokers, 234 beekeeping suits, 2580 beehives.

  • 2 new communities are trained in coconut oil production.

  • ​Liberia Pure buys $34,600 of coconut oil from coconut oil producers, trained by Universal Outreach.

  • 97 Scholarships awarded through our Bright Stars scholarship program.

  • 9 students graduate from high school and tech school

  • ​Strive, the after-school learning centre, offers music, computers, cultural dance, arts and crafts, reading programs, tailoring and tutoring.

  • 6 people receive music scholarships thanks to Canadian NGO, Instruments Beyond Borders.

  • 13,359  people attend programs at Strive, our after-school resource center

  • 10 businesses attend Universal Outreach's Business Development program. 100% of the businesses were in operation 6 months after the program was complete with an average income increase of $300/month.

  • Waves for Change program utilize our facilities for their program.

  • Global Handwashing Day provides awareness of hand hygiene and distributes 3619 bars of soap to hospitals and individuals.

  • Construction begins on the surf tourism project in Robertsport and a select group of donors support the 9th Annual Surf Competition.

  • UOF’s beekeeping extension team continues to train and support beekeepers across Liberia. They support 1528 people in 92 communities and 10 counties.

  • ​UOF partners with The World Bank, Liberia Forest Development Authority, Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, Diamonds for Peace and The Royal Society for Bird Conservation to train over 550 beekeepers.

  • 2159 gallons of honey is harvested and 304 kg of wax valued at $49,472 USD.

  • UOF distributes the following equipment to new beekeepers: 48 honey extractors, 116 smokers, 234 beekeeping suits, 2580 beehives

  • The first community-based coconut oil processing factory is established in Rivercess County.

  • Liberia Pure develops a line of coconut oil soaps in 5 different scents.

  • Construction of a new honey collection and education centre in Lofa County is completed at the cost of $17.92/sq foot

  • The Bright Stars scholarship program awards 93 scholarships.

  • ​Strive, the after school learning centre offers music, computers, cultural dance, arts and crafts, reading programs and tutoring

  • 5122 people attend programs at Strive during the 4 months Strive was open (COVID effected the center's ability to open) 

  • Two new business get coaching from Universal Outreach, Philips Guest House and Chris's Cold Water Business.


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