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Let’s celebrate the improvements that have taken place in people’s lives since the Universal Outreach community started collaborating with ambitious Liberians and Hondurans. 

Read our full impact report for 2020 here.

Over 5000

earned by beekeepers

Clean drinking water to 21,900
scholarships awarded

560 well technicians trained

34,500 lives touched during Ebola

64,000+ sq ft
of educational infrastructure built

4000+ jobs created through economic development


UOF’s beekeeping extension team continues to train and support beekeepers across Liberia. They support 1528 people in 92 communities and 10 counties.

UOF partners with The World Bank, Liberia Forest Development Authority, Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, Diamonds for Peace and The Royal Society for Bird Conservation to train over 550 beekeepers.

2159 gallons of honey is harvested and 304 kg of wax valued at $49,472 USD.

UOF distributes the following equipment to new beekeepers: 48 honey extractors, 116 smokers, 234 beekeeping suits, 2580 beehives

The first community-based coconut oil processing factory is established in Rivercess County.

Liberia Pure develops a line of coconut oil soaps in 5 different scents.

Construction of a new honey collection and education centre in Lofa County is completed at the cost of $17.92/sq foot

The Bright Stars scholarship program awards 93 scholarships.

Strive, the after school learning centre offers music, computers, cultural dance, arts and crafts, reading programs and tutoring

5122 people attend programs at Strive during the 4 months Strive was open (COVID effected the center's ability to open) 

Two new business get coaching from Universal Outreach, Philips Guest House and Chris's Cold Water Business.


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