Let’s celebrate the improvements that have taken place in people’s lives since the Universal Outreach community started collaborating with ambitious Liberians and Hondurans. 

Thousands of 



earned by beekeepers

Clean drinking water to 21,900
scholarships awarded

560 well technicians trained

34,500 lives touched during Ebola

50,000+ sq ft

of educational infrastructure built

5000+ jobs created through economic development


UOF’s beekeeping extension team continues to train and support thousands of beekeepers across Liberia.

UOF partners with conservation organizations, such as The Wild Chimpanzee Organization, to train beekeepers in living in close proximity to forest conservation regions and newly established national parks.

Honey production increases by 40%.

Development of community-based coconut oil processing equipment for Universal Outreach's economic development program in coconut oil production for low-income communities.

Liberia Pure Honey sales reach $133,000 this year with five honey products on grocery store shelves

Sales of Liberia Pure Coconut Oil continue to grow with three sizes of coconut oil for cooking available and four body oil products.

Construction of a new honey collection and education centre begins in Lofa County. Completion is scheduled for spring 2020.

The Bright Stars scholarship program awards 68 scholarships.

Strive, the after school learning centre opens and provides creative after school learning opportunities for children and adults.

Over 7,500 children and adults attend after school programs at Strive.