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Coconut Oil Production


Economic development needs to be market-driven in order to sustain itself in the long term. After researching many different industries coconut oil production became the obvious choice for Universal Outreach to develop a training program to provide income-generating opportunities for those in need. With abundant coconut trees in Liberia, a lack of an efficient way to produce coconut oil and demand for coconut oil in the markets, UOF decided to explore ways to help grow this industry. Since 2016 we have been working with communities, partners and industry to find a solution to the challenges and today we are collectively bringing this to life.

UO, in collaboration with communities and partners, has devised a practical mobile system for producing high-quality cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. This efficient production system increases productivity by 300%. Our two-week training program shows participants how to reduce the number of coconuts needed to make oil, reduce the and processing time needed per litre of oil and yield a high-quality cold-pressed oil. Adding value to these coconut growing communities creates a substantial increase in profitability for the people living in remote coastal villages.  By putting coconut oil production systems into the hands of coconut farmers you will be reducing poverty by providing income-generating opportunities to those that need it the most.

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