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Business Development Program

Liberia has a long history of small-scale entrepreneurship from market business to provision shops. Universal Outreach has been mentoring small businesses for many years and are now expanding our program by providing a “Be Your Own Boss” Business Development Program to start up’s and new businesses looking to grow. The goal of the program is to develop businesses that have the ability to employ more Liberians and build the economy. 

Buy Local, Build Liberia.

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Students can join our program with an idea, come as a young business or enter as a experienced business looking to grow. A set schedule of classes offer students the theory needed to understand the structure of business, while workshops and field trips give them access to experienced Liberian business people who can offer examples, advice and mentorship.


By tapping into the vast network of business mentors within the Universal Outreach Community we are able to provide up-to-date specific mentorship to Liberian businesses. This mentorship is designed to help Liberian businesses see opportunities, efficiencies and potential challenges before they happen. It supports then in strategically planning their business so they can see positive growth in both their business and the industries they are working within.

Our program meets business owners where they are
by offering three points of entry:

Start Up         Accelerator        Growth

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