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Redimere Chocolate: Liberia’s homegrown brands given wings by UOF's Business Program

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Joshua, the founder of Redimere Chocolate, standing in front of his new factory
"The Business Program I took with Universal Outreach really helped me with foundational business knowledge and their continued hands-on mentorship is supporting my growth," - Joshua, owner of Redimere Chocolate

Joshua is the proud proprietor and visionary behind Redimere Chocolate, a venture that blossomed from humble beginnings. His journey is rooted in a school project while studying agriculture at university. With a keen eye, he noticed the abundant cocoa resources in Liberia, often overlooked and underutilized. This insight ignited his aspiration to create one of Liberia's first homegrown chocolate brands.

In the early days, Joshua operated his budding enterprise from the university campus, accompanied by the guidance of two mentors. However, the pivotal moment arrived in 2021 when he was privileged to participate in Universal Outreach's Business Development Program. At the time, Redimere Chocolate was still in its infancy. "The Business Program I took with Universal Outreach really helped me with foundational business knowledge and their continued hands-on mentorship is supporting my growth," stated Joshua.

This newfound knowledge enabled him to take the next steps in his journey. Keen on positively impacting the market and differentiating his locally crafted chocolates from imported alternatives, Universal Outreach's Business Program Instructors assisted in setting up his production facility and offered a helping hand in managing his inventory, providing much-needed support. Joshua warmly reminisces about their visit to Ganta in Nimba County, where he showcased the flourishing fruits of his labour.

The Business Development Program by Universal Outreach filled a crucial knowledge-sharing void for countless Liberian entrepreneurs with dreams similar to Joshua's. This program has been a beacon of support in a country where experiences are not always readily shared.

Redimere Chocolate's journey began with a simple offering: large squares of chocolate in lapa bags, primarily aimed at tourists and expatriates. However, in 2019, they ventured into chocolate bars for supermarket sales. Over time, using locally sourced ingredients, their product range expanded to encompass various flavours, such as peanut, coconut, and chilli. They also introduced cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and baking chocolate, proudly showcasing their commitment to local sourcing and versatility.

Joshua faced logistical challenges due to the geographical distance between his base in Ganta and the primary market in Monrovia. To overcome this hurdle, he harnessed the connections and delivery methods established by Liberia Pure in conjunction with Universal Outreach to ensure his products reached supermarket shelves nationwide.

With unwavering determination, Joshua continues to seek growth opportunities. His journey remains a testament to the power of persistence and the support of programs like Universal Outreach's Business Development Program. They stand ready to support his ascent while relishing every opportunity to savour his delightful chocolates.

Watch our video on Universal Outreach's Business Program to get a glimpse of some of these driven entrepreneurs in action.

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