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Jimmy's Chips Crushes the Snack Food Market in Liberia

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Jimmy’s Chips is a new brand of snack foods that has hit the scene in Liberia. Four young people founded the company and UOF got the chance to sit down and discuss the business with one of their key partners, Levi Martin.

Beginning back in 2020, Jimmy's Chips realized that there was an opportunity to leverage the abundant sweet potatoes in Liberia, so they began testing a line of sweet potato chips. Once they developed their signature flavour, paprika and garlic, the group employed a local graphic designer and began packaging their first line of Liberian snacks: the sweet potato chips.

Jimmy's Chips participated in Universal Outreach's Business Accelerator program in 2021. At this time they were encountering challenges with too much oil in their chips. Then, while under the mentorship of our program, they gained the confidence to start utilizing their deoiling machine and now have a light, crispy, well-seasoned product with the perfect crunch. You can see them in action in the latter half of our newly released business development program video.

After securing a business development loan from Universal Outreach, Jimmy's Chips added three more flavours to the existing paprika & garlic and lightly salted options. Barbeque flavour (because Levi wants chips with some heat), cheese flavour, and sour cream with lime and pepper.

Jimmy’s Chips is off to a great start. They have a delicious product, great packaging and are selling at a competitive price. Beyond sweet potato chips, the team has big dreams for the snack food market. They hope to launch a diverse line of snack foods and enter the export market. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more updates on the evolution of Jimmy’s Chips.

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