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Learn How Cold Press Coconut Oil Is Made

Want to see a cold pressed coconut oil factory in action? This video takes you to Liberia's beautiful Atlantic coastline and takes you through the process step by step.

When the village of Timbo received a cold pressed coconut oil factory in 2021, they meant business. Situated on over 200 acres of pristine coastal land, the area is ideal for growing coconut trees and, as you’ll see in the video, thousands of coconut trees surround the village.

Community leader, Murphy Eloh, explained why they were so ready to take action,

“My family has lived in this area since it was established and they’ve depended on coconuts as a source of income for decades. When I was younger I paid my way through high school by selling small batches of boiled coconut oil. These days a slow trickle of money comes in by selling dried coconuts. When we learnt of the cold pressed method Universal Outreach is teaching we were ready to try. With Liberia Pure guaranteeing to buy the oil it made us more confident.”

Since this time, Timbo has become the biggest producer of coconut oil in their region. Liberia Pure is working fast to convert their oil to coconut body oil, eating oil, lip balms and soap.

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