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Let's Go Surfing NOW!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Universal Outreach's Bright Star Scholars - Hospitality School

Meet Irene, Brahema, Ester and Annie. Thanks to Universal Outreach's Bright Star Scholarship Program, these four have been busy at hospitality school. Intending to create a surf tourism industry in their community, these four have diligently worked at developing their hospitality skills.

Two years ago, the Grand Capemount County Surf Club Association - a not-for-profit based in Robertsport which is home to Liberia's best waves - approached Kent and Landis with their vision for economic development in their community.

Universal Outreach focuses on economic development and education and this project ticked both boxes. Youth from Robertsport needed to attend hospitality training school and their vision for surf tourism was a contextually appropriate and viable economic development initiative. Economic development comes in many forms and surf tourism is an ideal fit for this ocean-bound community.

Since this conversation started, the association took charge and got the Government of Liberia to donate a beachfront piece of land to them. We then got involved and found an amazing community of surfers to get behind the infrastructure needed on the property as well as the items to start their surf tourism business. Four youngsters went to tourism school, graduated, and are now running the restaurant and rental business.

Our collective next steps are to build camping platforms, buy a large dugout canoe for fishing tours and purchase a solar system. We are currently raising funds for these items. To make a donation, follow this link.

See the project in its infancy!

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Hello Universal Outreach. It looks like you are doing some awesome work to support surfing in Robertsport. I'm trying to get in contact with someone who can help me understand the surfing landscape in Robertsport. Unfortunately, I'm not finding much for contact information online. Would love to know how to contact some local friends in Robertsport and understand more.

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