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The Strive Family

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Life hasn't been easy for little Alan. When his mother gave birth to him, she was just a girl herself, struggling with her new role. She often left Alan alone in their one-room house to fend for himself. Alan spent the first six years of his life this way, and when we met him, his language development, height and social skills were stunted.

The team at Strive encouraged Alan's parents to send him to Strive so he could have the chance to interact with other kids, develop his language skills and have a nurturing place to spend the day. It's been a transition for Alan, who is incredibly independent, but he settled in nicely. Alan no longer tries to hit the other kids when he's frustrated and, if he likes you enough, he'll even hug you. He talks more, he smiles more, and he adores being at the Saturday cycle club where the other kids push him around on a bike.

Thanks to a member of the UOF community Artina Nimpson, who visited us when Alan and his brother started coming to Strive, they get a hot lunch every day. This meal is a brain booster and helps them stay focused on learning and playing. We're currently looking for someone to continue ensuring Alan and his brother get lunch everyday. For a donation of $60 each month you can make sure this happens.

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