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Victoria Harbourside Rotary Helps Build the Economy In Liberia

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Thanks to Victoria Harbourside Rotary, a new community in Liberia was trained in beekeeping.

Villager’s in Kpagamai, Lofa are known as hard-working farmers. Recently, they have witnessed the extra income communities in their region have been making from honey production and they wanted the opportunity to learn and earn.

Over the past year, the community received a 3 day introduction to beekeeping and hive building followed by monthly visits to learn the practical side of beekeeping. As their hives developed, the new beekeepers received monthly visits from the lead beekeeping training at Universal Outreach. Initially the community built 60 hives, but since the training, they’ve set a goal to construct 300!

Within their initial year of training they achieved a 40% colonization rate, which is an outstanding achievement for a group of new beekeepers. Lofa county is quickly growing as a honey producing county. With its higher elevation, lower humidity and dense forests, it’s an ideal environment to cultivate high quality honey and these new beekeepers are on their way to a solid source of income.

Thanks again to Victoria Harbourside Rotary, with a special mention to project instigator, Kristi Philpott for supporting this community on their quest to become beekeepers.

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