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You Asked, We Listened.

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Last year, during our giving season in December, a few donors reached out to us asking for more tools to make donating to UOF easier. They asked to do fund transfers directly from their bank account to ours, they asked for a different credit card processor than Paypal, and they asked for a better way for your business or the company you work with to donate. We now have solutions.

Now when you make an online donation with your credit card, you have two choices! You can choose the button that says Credit Card (this option by Stripe charges us 2.2% +.30 fee for each donation) or click the Paypal button. Paypal allows you to use either your credit card or Paypal (this option charges us 1.6% fee). Both options will enable you to make your contribution a monthly reoccurring donation!

Want to get your company involved in giving? Your entire team at work can give to UOF through Benevity, an online giving platform for "Powering Purpose Driven Business." Check out Benevity's employee engagement tools.

You can do an electronic funds transfer for those who don't love technology but trust your bank. Your donation goes directly from your bank account to Universal Outreach's account. Ask about this option at your bank or through your online banking system. You enter as the recipient, and Universal Outreach Foundation will appear as the funds receiver on your monthly statement. This option has a limit of $2,000 and charges you a nominal fee.

If paying fees isn't appealing to you, you can also donate to us through the Paypal Giving Fund. The Paypal Giving Fund passes long every dollar you gift us without a fee for processing the transaction. It's a great option if you donate once or twice each year. When you choose this option, the Paypal Giving Fund will issue you a tax receipt then pass your entire donation along to Universal Outreach.

Lastly, our new donation page will automatically issue a tax receipt when you donate through one of the two online donation options on the page!

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