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How Your Support Helps Ma Mary's Girls in Achieving Their Educational Dream

Updated: Feb 8

When Mary's sister fell ill, she entrusted Mary with the care of her twin daughters, Brenda and Brenice, should her condition worsen. Tragically, just two days later, her sister passed away. Mary, already a widow and mother of three, selflessly welcomed her nieces into her home. However, she has encountered financial challenges in making ends meet and covering the school fees for Brenda and Brenice.

This Christmas season, we are harnessing the power of premium Liberian-made products to raise funds for Universal Outreach's Bright Star Scholarship Program. This initiative aims to support Brenda and Brenice and other girls facing similar challenges, ensuring they can continue their education.

These exclusive Liberian-based products, rarely seen in North America, epitomize unparalleled quality. For $30, you can purchase a package of three Liberia Pure Soaps made from locally produced fresh coconut oil; the price of this gift includes a donation to the scholarship program.

Our deluxe version of this thoughtful gift, priced at $60, includes a Wallace Chocolate single-origin chocolate bar crafted from Liberian cocoa, along with a beeswax candle—a homage to the beekeepers Universal Outreach has trained in Liberia. This deluxe gift also includes a donation to the scholarship program. The collective impact of these sales will cover the school fees for the girls for the entire year.

If you wish to make a lasting difference and ensure that students in need can stay in school for years to come, consider signing up for a monthly donation to our scholarship program. You can learn more about Universal Outreach's Bright Star Scholarship Program here. Your support will contribute to a brighter future for these deserving students.

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