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Liberian Youth Look to the Ocean for Economic Opportunities

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

We’re committed to economic development in Liberia because we’ve seen the difference an income source makes. Economic development can come in many forms, so when the Capemount Surfers Association, located in beautiful Robertsport Liberia, came to us with their plan for surf tourism we decided to help. Youth in this area struggle to find work outside of subsistence fishing and together we created a vision for a regional (and hopefully one day international) surf hub.

The Liberian Government got “on board” by donating a parcel of oceanfront land and the initiative caught the eye of surfers far and wide, especially those that have been to Liberia and know the financial struggle youth in Robertsport face.

Four young people from the area have been selected to be the operational leaders for the tourism center and are currently taking hospitality classes in Monrovia while living with Kent and Landis at the Universal Outreach compound.

Pictured here is the property in Robertsport, Liberia after the first 10 months of construction.

A big thank you goes out to the global community who has supported this initiative with special mention to Arthur Bourbon, the O’Sullivans, Darryl and Caroline Rawlings, Lynn and Chris Mobuis and Tom Kussumoto.

If you are looking for another way to contribute, Universal Outreach has launched a limited line of online merchandise. All of the profits made will go directly to supporting projects like these.

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