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we believe that

when we lift each other up,


Strive was born from the idea that learning shouldn’t stop in the classroom. We recognize the right to academic education for all and that learning—in its many forms— should continue when school is done. STRIVE, a community resource centre, we built so Liberians have a safe, reliable, comfortable space for people to meet, share ideas, offer programs and inspire each other.



Strive is designed for local program providers to come in and support the existing educational system through the provision of diverse, quality programs targeted at individuals who are interested in expanding their mind body and soul. A few of the many programs offered at STRIVE are computers literacy, tailoring, music, African cultural dance, modern dance, critical thinking and reading/spelling/math tutoring.

Universal Outreach offers its own programs in addition to the programs provided by local educators. We offer business development/mentorship and as well as clubs for crafting, story-telling, cycling and spelling and reading. We also help local service providers with the resources they need to provide programs of substance and quality. There is nothing greater than seeing people excel beyond their expectations.






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