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CSR: How A Canadian Soap Company Took Action

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

With a growing focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), firms worldwide— large and small—are reorienting the heart of their business strategies from purely profit maximization to a quadruple bottom line. People, planet, purpose, and profit are now benchmarks of a successful business; ensuring social and environmental value as well as financial strength is the new norm.

And consumers are demanding it. They want to support businesses that are transparent, ecologically conscious and willing to address social and cultural issues. As this CSR article in Forbes magazine mentions,

“Whatever form these corporate ventures take, they are definitely a win for both the company and community alike. I’ve also seen that some companies are taking the lead and venturing into humanitarian projects ranging from the construction of roads to the alleviation of poverty.”

Rocky Mountain Soap Company, from Canmore Alberta is one of those companies. Experts in high quality all natural soap making and skin products, they sent a soap maker to Liberia in 2020 to teach Liberia Pure how to make coconut oil based soaps. A year later, Liberia Pure launched its line of soaps and soon became the soap of choice in Liberia.

Rocky Mountain Soap then took their commitment one step further. After they felt the impact soap was making on Liberia, they pledged to fund a community event on Global Hand Washing Day. People gathered, the importance of hand hygiene was shared and everyone left with knowledge, smiles and clean hands. Over 4000 bars of soap were distributed to communities, schools and hospitals that day with the message that cleans hands saves lives.

Thanks to this Canadian business’s investment in a greater good, the market for coconut oil in Liberia has grown, soap making jobs created, a quality brand of Liberian soap is now available and thousands of people in schools and hospitals received soap and knowledge on Global Hand Washing Day. Corporate Social Responsibility comes in many forms, and for Rocky Mountain Soap, helping develop a line of locally made soap was the perfect fit.

If your business would like to partner with Universal Outreach to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility, please reach out to Kent Bubbs Jr to discuss opportunities to give.

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