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Donor Feature: Colin & Tracy Dignum

As a high school teacher and athlete, Colin Dignum appreciates the value that sport brings to young people’s lives. When Colin and his wife Tracy learned about the community soccer team in Liberia in need of support, their interest peaked.

The Purpose Football club is coached by two young adults who have a passion for football and a keen understanding of the importance of giving kids a physical outlet. As coach Andrew said,

“Football gives the kids somewhere to put their energy and being part of a team keeps them focused on positive things.”

He added,

“They come from families without plenty of money and we coaches volunteer so our resources are limited.”

After living in this community for 7 years, we’ve seen first hand the importance of football teams, and we were excited to share this opportunity to give in our Helping Small Program. Thanks to the Dignums, the team was outfitted with uniforms, cleats, soccer balls and entrance fees to participate in local tournaments.

Kent and Landis passed by the team recently as they were practicing for a tournament that allowed local teams to play at one of Liberia’s most prestigious football stadiums. The team’s excitement was infectious, and the value of the Dignum’s contribution is greater than we could ever imagine.

“You’re right, giving does feel good!”

- Colin Dignum

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