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Thanks to a Scholarship, This Young Woman Achieved her Dream

Learn about how our scholarship program impacted Bright Star Scholar, Madia.

After Madia graduated from high school, she wasn't sure what her next move would be. The family financial situation was tight, and Madia found herself at home taking care of her younger siblings so her mother could go out and sell goods in the market. When Madia had time to think about her future, tailoring was the idea that lifted her heart.

One day while Madia was outside her house doing the family laundry, a friend mentioned to her that an NGO was offering scholarships to trades school. That’s when Madia came to Universal Outreach, shared her dream of becoming a tailor and applied to be a Bright Star Scholar.

One year later, and Madia has graduated from her tailoring program. You can now find her in her local tailoring shop, apprenticing under the watchful eye of the lead tailor and fine tuning her new skill set.

We currently have 92 students benefiting from our Bright Star Scholarship Program. Students are already putting their names on the waiting list for the next academic school year so if ensuring a student’s dream for a better tomorrow comes true, please consider sponsoring a student.

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