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Education + Job Creation 
= Sustainable Change

Universal Outreach believes that education and economic development gives people the skills and opportunities they need to build the future they envision.

We take action by working with Liberians in West Africa, who are focused on creating a better future for themselves. We collaborate with people to identify economic opportunities and invest in educational pursuits to achieve these goals.


This means we invest your donations into skills training programs, scholarships, business development programs, creative learning opportunities and support for niche industry development. In turn, Liberians have the chance to realize their goals, develop financial independence and create valuable niche industries that support the local economy.

Give the Gift of Education
by ensuring a child goes to school.

Empowering a child with the gift of education is a profoundly impactful way to shape their life and future opportunities. Through your monthly contribution of $40, you can provide a child with the invaluable opportunity to attend school. Countless students eagerly await a scholarship.

Be An Opportunity Creator

for Liberians striving for a better tomorrow.


Business Development

Our Business Development Program gives entrepreneurs the help they need to bring their ideas to fruition then we help them take flight.


Coconut Oil

We train coastal communities to produce high-quality coconut oil for economic diversity and prosperity in rural Liberia.

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Surf Tourism

We  support the development of niche industries for job creation and surfing is the perfect fit for youth in Robertsport.



Everyone has the right to an education and our scholarship program ensures that aspiring students get the chance to achieve their dreams.



Our beekeeping training program provides a market-driven skill that enables people to provide for themselves and their families. 


After School Learning

Strive is a community-driven educational centre born from the idea that learning shouldn’t stop in the classroom. 

We're making 

lasting change

The Universal Outreach Communtiy has been working to create a more equitable world for all since 2000.  We've been busy providing clean drinking water, developing new industries, building schools and much, much more.... 

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Hannah, Nursing Student

Thank you for helping me through high school and into nursing.


Bendu, Farmer

Beekeeping is helping me sustain myself and send my children to school.


Bedella, Entrepreneur

I learnt how to price my product and it really helped.


We know that every penny counts and we work hard at keeping our administration costs low. The Founders of Universal Outreach cover all the administration costs of the organization to ensure that every dollar you donate goes towards the program it's intended for.

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